Social & Emotional Learning is not something added to the academic plate. It is the plate.


Envision Your Future® offers positive youth development programs and workshops for youth, parents, educators, counselors, social workers, and prevention specialists.




EYF Facilitator Certification Training

5th to 8th grades

EYF provides training that allows educators, counselors, and social workers to facilitate our 8 Master Classes to 5th through 8th grades which can be implemented in your homeroom, during advisory, or in after-school programs.

8 Master Classes facilitated for your 5th through 8th grades which are implemented over the course of the school year by an EYF certified facilitator from your school or program. The 2-day facilitator training is provided online for your school or organization.

EYF Facilitator Certification Training for Young Dreamers

K to 4th grades

EYF’s Young Dreamers program includes training for 6 Masterclasses, tailored to the emotional needs of children in grades K through 4th grade.

These interactive facilitator trainings are provided virtually for your school or organization.



Envision Your Future: Live Your Dreams

5th through 8th grades

EYF is comprised of eight Master Classes (45 to 60 minutes each). They embody the social and emotional skills needed for developing short-term, medium-term and long-term goals which enable youth to make better decisions and be accountable for them. Master Classes encourage autonomous thinking and decision-making for blueprinting their goals and future-proofing their lives.

Student Blueprint (workbook) is now available in Spanish!

¡Imagina tu Futuro!
¡Vive tus sueños!

Envision Your Future for Young Dreamers

Envision Your Future for Incarcerated Youth



We recognize the importance of family, parents, and grandparents working together for the highest good of their children.  At EYF, we work with families, including them in their child’s social and emotional growth, across schools, community centers, and digital workshops.

be brave and live your dream


  • Cultivates social and emotional competencies
  • Strengthens critical and innovative thinking
  • Strategizes how to overcome obstacles
  • Improves written and verbal skills
  • Encourages positive behavior and choices
  • Inspires hope for the future

EYF is facilitated by your trained personnel in:

Schools – Educators, Counselors, Social Workers and Staff Members Youth Programs – YMCA, Community Centers and City Youth Programs Prevention/Juvenile Justice

EYF is facilitated by your trained personnel

A youth’s life changing experience with EYF

Communicating and collaborating with classmates/peers in small and large groups, pair share and time for personal reflection. It is an exchange of ideas and information. Kids enjoy working in teams and recognize the talents of their peers in doing projects and being involved in solution-making.