How We Do It

Four Cornerstones Preparing the Inner Terrain for Learning

We are Here to Support Our Children in Their Readiness for Life and in their Pursuit of a Meaningful Future. To accomplish this, we've come to understand that education needs to be social, emotional, interactive, and relevant.


The importance of relationships/friendships in the strengthening of our identity, worth, and confidence. Face-to-face communication is highly important to the social growth of students. Kids need to know they are visible and valued and belong as family members in the community of their class. The “empathy factor” in relating to others and acceptance of others who are different.


An atmosphere where students can express their emotions in appropriate ways. An energized and enthusiastic approach to learning. The “allowing” of fun, laughter, curiosity and wonderment in the learning process.


Communicating and collaborating with classmates/peers in small and large groups, pair share and time for personal reflection. It is an exchange of ideas and information. Kids enjoy working in teams and recognize the talents of their peers in doing projects and being involved in solution-making.


How do school subjects apply to where I want to go in life? How are they related to my goals and dreams? Having a compelling future story (a direction in life) brings significance to attending, participating and staying in school and helps with making more positive choices



The Generation of Me

Gen Z youth, born between 1995 and 2009, have the ability to go beyond linear thinking. They are the true multi-taskers who assimilate information laterally (using both sides of the brain). They want to have a voice, be solution-makers, find their answers, and be acknowledged for their brand of brilliance. EYF recognizes that, in preparing our kids for a meaningful and successful life, it is important to know what the real world expects of them. EYF advocates youth empowerment by providing leadership opportunities that strengthen critical and innovative thinking. Youth learn to layer accomplishments – increasing their confidence and self-worth.

Envision Your Future Helps Educators Understand and Connect with Today's Kids



Generation Alpha, born between 2010 and 2025, is the first to be born entirely in the 21st century and the first group who will be immersed in technology their entire lives. These kids are also referred to as the Glass Generation as their glass-fronted devices will be their main medium of communication.

They are or will grow up to be the best-educated generation ever, the most technologically immersed, the wealthiest, and the generation more likely than any in the past century to spend some or all of their childhood in living arrangements without both of their biological parents.