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Envision Your Future is a 501(c) (3) non-profit corporation formed in 2005.

Envision Your Future offers programs and workshops using a methodology developed by Dr. Patty O’Sullivan. The EYF methodology focuses on gaining an understanding and communicating effectively with youth, teachers, parents, educators, and youth workers. EYF promotes and cultivates self-efficacy – the capacity for youth to solve their everyday challenges and to know that they can make a profound difference in the world.

EYF programs and workshops have an economy of time.


EYF was developed by Patty O’Sullivan, Ph.D., based on a study she did with students from 6th-12th grades. She uncovered that tweens, 10-12 years old, had big dreams for a bright future. The trend of teen responses revealed a lack of clarity for their future. Their apathy for pursuing their dreams was demonstrated by an unacceptable drop-out rate and engagement in dangerous behaviors.

A second finding was the communication gap between Gen Z and older generations, including parents, grandparents, and teachers.

Youth Want To Learn From Their Mistakes Not Live From Them.

EYF started as a workshop for drop-outs and adjudicated youth in Chimayo, New Mexico in 2005. After the first two-day workshop, these teens wanted to know what was next. This was the impetus to expand EYF from a workshop to a curriculum.

Dr. Patty collaborates with teens to get real and timely answers. Her on-going research is conducted with youth nationally and internationally to understand their concerns, fears, needs, hopes and dreams. The results showed that these teens everywhere had the same hopes and fears. Their biggest worry is about the future.

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The Developer / Founder

The Developer / Founder Patty O’Sullivan, Ph.D., was born to teach and her gift for meeting kids where they are and taking them in the direction of their dreams has extended far beyond the conventional classroom. Her ability to see a need and meet it has taken her from the classroom to the inner-city, to the children of migrant workers, to the chemically-addicted, to rural communities, and to adjudicated youth.  Recognizing the vast disconnect between adults and a new generation immersed in technology, Dr. Patty saw the urgency to understand this rapidly evolving generation and to find ways to connect and communicate with them.

Dr. Patty is an International Keynote Speaker and Master Trainer/Designer of Positive Youth Development Programs that focus on the growth and wellbeing of the whole child. She is acknowledged as an expert on giving Gen Z and Alpha Generation practical and vital ways to recognize their vision, voice, and value. Most recently, Dr. Patty was the keynote speaker for the Archdiocese of Santa Fe Catholic Schools, New Mexico, and for the Micronesian Youth Summit held in Tinian, Northern Mariana Islands.  Dr. Patty devotes her time spreading a wide net to capture youth in the excitement of their dreams.

Awards & Achievements

Dr. Patty is an International Speaker & Master Trainer, specializing in Positive Youth Development (PYD) programs and workshops to meet the needs of our children who are living in an ever-accelerating and changing world.

Awards & Recognition

Teacher of the Year, Philadelphia School District

Paul Harris Fellow, Rotary Foundation of Rotary International

9 National Awards for Documentary Films on Chemical Addiction   

Vision and Mission


That every child has the opportunity to create and activate their dreams for living a happy and productive life.

Our Mission

EYF champions youth in:

  • Clarifying their dreams
  • Developing a personal blueprint
  • Overcoming obstacles
  • Identifying the people and resources to help them accomplish their dreams