Our vision is that every child has the opportunity to
create and activate their dreams
for living a joyful, healthy, and productive life.

Our Mission is to Champion Youth in

Clarifying their dreams

Developing a personal blueprint

Overcoming obstacles

Identifying the people and resources to help them accomplish their dreams

Dr. Patty O'Sullivan

Dr. Patty, as her students affectionately call her, is acknowledged as an expert on Social and Emotional learning applied to Gen Z and Generation Alpha. Her training gives them practical and vital ways to recognize their vision, voice, and value. She saw the urgency to understand these rapidly evolving generations, which led to developing strategies for connecting and communicating with them.

Dr. Patty is an International Keynote Speaker and Master Trainer/Designer of Social Emotional Learning (SEL) programs that focus on the growth of youth through strengthening their inner terrain, and their original thoughts, emotions, creativity, and choices.



Envision Your Future is a non-profit 501(c)3 corporation that has been developing and facilitating Social and Emotional Learning programs since 2005. You are invited to learn more about our SEL programs for youth, educators, parents, youth workers, and communities.

"We witnessed significant, positive behavioral and academic changes."

EYF nurtures the best in our youth by noticing what is right and building on their talents and skills.

Connecting with today’s kids because their future matters!

Educators play a central role in Social & Emotional Learning (SEL). Our programs provide educators with a deeper connection, greater understanding, and the ability to communicate with their students- creating a safe community with a passion for learning.

EYF's Student Blueprints Now Available in Spanish!