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Envision Your Future® (EYF) is a positive youth development program dedicated to guiding our kids in creating and actualizing successful, healthy and productive lives.  The methodology is strength-based and non-clinical.

Envision Your Future was developed by Patty O'Sullivan, Ph.D., based on a study she did with kids from 6th-12th grades. She discovered that tweens, kids 10-12 years old, had big dreams for a bright future. The teens who did not get their dreams nurtured, lost hope for architecting a fulfilling and exciting life. Their apathy for pursuing their dreams was demonstrated by the increasing numbers of dropouts and engagement in dangerous behavior. Another gem that came to light was the huge paradigm shift since 1982 with a generation of youth raised on/with technology. 

Envision Your Future starts with an appreciative understanding of today's youth, 21st century kids, and practical ways for connecting and communicating with them.   The methodology has been expanded to offering a suite of strategies for teachers to improve classroom management and maximize learning, without adding another layer of work.       
Kids experiencing Envision Your Future get to "mine the gold" of who they are, blueprint where they want to go in life, determine what it's going to take and identify the people and resources that will help them accomplish their goals.  

There are many programs that provide good information to our kids, but they do not change behavior. Envision Your Future gets kids to make positive choices. 
Frank Magourilos, Senior Certified Prevention Specialist  
Santa Fe, New Mexico

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Connecting with today's kids because their future matters! 

Envision Your Future® offers programs for educators, youth and parents.  There is more information on each under Programs:

  • Patty O'Sullivan's Teaching 21st Century Kids® (T21CK) 7-hours of  interactive excitement that goes beyond computers and the Internet, as the primary source for updating our classrooms. Participants develop strategies for re-igniting purpose and re-thinking education, without adding another layer work.  T21CK leads to improved academic achievement, classroom management, intrinsic motivation of students and a deterrent to bullying.  T21CK is designed for educators, Principals and school staff and can be brought to your school.  
  • Envision Your Future Module I:  8 Master Classes focused on 5th grade through high school, and implemented over the course of the school year by a certified trained facilitator from your school or program, with the outcomes of improved academic achievement, behavior and reduced bullying.  The time to implement the 8 Master Classes is flexible and is helping youth develop the intrinsic motivation to make healthy choices in school, youth programs, juvenile justice and youth in transition.
  • Communicating with Your Tweens/Teens: R U Ready? :)  A 1/2 day workshop for parents and their kids for re-booting their relationship that opens up trust and intimate communication.   
ou are invited to view a few video clips of Dr. Patty giving excerpts from her workshops.  Go to About Us.